Samyang 85mm/F1.4 Aspherical UMC鏡頭 - CANON

Samyang 85mm/F1.4 Aspherical UMC鏡頭 - CANON


專業人像鏡,高品質不色偏 ,全片幅 &APS-C攝影機皆相容 ,透光性佳,抗鬼影和耀斑 ,採用內對焦方式 ,內含可拆卸遮光罩 ,濾鏡尺寸為72mm。 適合拍攝人像

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Samyang 85mm/F1.4 Aspherical UMC鏡頭 - CANON 
SAMYANG 85mm/F1.4 Aspherical UMC鏡頭,高品質的鏡頭不色偏,即使是高透光率的情況下效果也非常自然,可降低了鬼影現象,中焦段大光圈非常適用於人像拍攝。

Aspherical UMC鏡頭是全片幅 &APS-C攝影機皆相容,是一個高品質的中焦段鏡頭,適合在低照度條件下的街道,景觀和建築拍攝。

SAMYANG 鏡頭使用多層鍍膜(UMC)多層鍍膜鏡片,實現最佳的透光性,且有抗鬼影和耀斑效果。

SAMYANG 鏡頭採用內對焦方式,可有效的遠離因灰塵或污物導致的鏡頭污染。

SAMYANG 內含可拆卸遮光罩,鏡頭蓋和鏡頭軟袋。濾鏡尺寸為72mm。

※使用時請將您的DSLR切換無鏡頭可拍攝模式,設定請詳見各相機原廠說明書 ※


Samyang 85mm/F1.4 Aspherical UMC鏡頭,適合平面拍攝 。無論調整光圈或對焦均順暢無比, 能發揮良好質素 。


  • 型號 Samyang 85mm Aspherical F1.4 - Canon
  • 鏡頭類型:中焦段人像鏡
  • 焦距:85mm
  •  最大光圈:T1.4
  • 最小光圈:T22
  • 視角:28.5°
  • 最小對焦距離:1m
  • 聚焦型:MF(手動對焦只)
  • 鏡頭結構:9元/ 7組/ 1片非球面鏡片
  • 尺寸:78mm x72.2mm
  • 重量:513克
  • 濾鏡尺寸:72mm
One of the best selling lenses at Samyang Optics!

This latest Samyang 85mm F1.4 AS IF UMC Aspherical Lenses also feature new UMC (Ultra Multi Coatings) which aid the very high level of light transmission, and adds further resistance to flare and ghosting. The 85mm F1.4 lenses are manual focus primes, designed to give exceptional results at wide apertures. At F1.4 great images can be obtained, which is perfect for portraiture and low light shooting.

The Samyang 85mm is also suited to cropped sensors, including APS-C / DX sensors, it gives approximately 120mm focal length equivalent. Coupled with the fast F1.4 aperture gives an excellent portrait lens for tighter head shots or working from a distance with cropped sensor cameras, or for shooting in various low light conditions.

The bokeh (the character of the out-of-focus blur) is a primary concern for professionals choosing an ultra large aperture lens for shallow depth-of-field photography. The Samyang 85mm F1.4 lens design offers excellent bokeh quality of out-of-focus highlights when used near wide open such as at F1.4 and F2.

The lens optical construction comprises of 9 lenses divided into 7 optical groups with one aspheric lens element. The Samyang 85mm is designed with internal focusing (IF) meaning the lens does not increase in size when focusing. A further positive aspect to internal focusing is that the lens is much less likely to get dust inside.

The Samyang 85 mm F1.4 lens should be a serious consideration to all professional or amateur photographers in need of a fast yet intricate prime lens at a reasonable price. Supplied with front and rear lens caps, lens hood and a soft lens pouch. Filter size 72mm

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接環 Canon EF 濾鏡口徑 72mm
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